Before Hiring a Lawyer: Must-knows Worth Keeping in Mind

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Being a victim of an unfortunate accident caused by someone else’s negligence can be frustrating. There are times when victims are lucky enough to sustain only minor injuries and a few damages to their properties. Other times, the tragic incident has rendered them unable to continue working or, worse, dead.

If you get hurt because of someone’s negligence, you should seek justice and receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Hiring the right attorney will help increase your chances of getting the right compensation. For instance, you can seek the help of a pedestrian accident lawyer if a reckless or negligent driver causes your injuries and trauma.

But before you go on hiring a lawyer, there are a few things you ought to know first. It is not just about hiring the right attorney that specializes in filing cases similar to your own case. The following are four things you need to keep in mind before you find a lawyer.

Why Lawyers Sometimes Decline a Case

Just because there is enough evidence that the drive is at fault does not automatically mean the first lawyer you will talk to will already take the case. There are times when people mistake any type of lawyer to be good enough for their case. If you receive numerous rejections from different lawyers, one of the following can be the very reason:

  • It is not clear that you are not at fault for the accident
  • You fail to provide enough documentation proving you sought medical care after the accident
  • There is the likelihood of a conflict of interest in the lawyer taking in the case
  • The defendant may not have the financial capacity or any insurance to pay your claim
  • Your social media postings are the exact opposite of your claims
  • The attorney you want to help you is not licensed in the state where the accident occurred
  • Your statute of limitations already expired

You Are Never Stuck with Your Attorney


There are times when you feel like the attorney you hired to take over your case fails to meet your expectations. You might feel like they are not serious about taking in your case. They may leave your calls unanswered for a long time only to ask for the details you already provided earlier.

If you are not fully satisfied with your lawyer, you can always look for another one. There is no reason to feel like you are stuck with the lawyer you hired just because they already started representing you in court. Note that they may still be entitled to case expenses they already worked for on your behalf.

This is why you must find yourself a lawyer you can trust. It is not just about finding the first local lawyer who will accept your case. Check their reviews, credentials, and choose the one you feel like you can trust with your life.

Understand Your Responsibilities

You may be the one seeking compensation for everything you have been through after the accident. But as the plaintiff, you also have your own responsibilities. Here are some of them.

  • Gather evidence and witnesses
  • Seek immediate medical care
  • Keep your medical care records
  • Submit your medical bills to your health insurer
  • Gather and provide your attorney with the crucial documents they might need
  • Keep your lawyer updated with your medical care treatment and progress
  • Be honest to your attorney

Know the Difference Between Attorney Fees and Case Expenses


Virtually every attorney you will find on the internet will tell you that they offer free consultation offers. This means they will not be asking you to pay anything when you go to them to discuss your case. Most attorneys will only ask you to sign a contingency fee agreement, which they charge upon recovery.

This means if you are not compensated, then they won’t be asking for a contingent fee. Note that this does not necessarily mean you will not be paying the attorney anything unless you win the case. There are fees you need to pay for the case to keep going.

Case expenses are the fees plaintiffs pay to third parties. These can include charges for medical records, court reporter fees, expert witness fees, filing fees, and physician report fees.

Before you choose an attorney, be sure you understand their terms and what fees they expect to be paid for. Not all attorneys will ask you to reimburse the expenses rendered if you lost the case. Be sure to ask the right questions.

The right attorney can assist you in getting properly compensated. But you must know what to expect before you hire one. You can use this list as your guide in case you need to find a lawyer to advocate for you in court.


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