Got into a Vehicular Accident? Here Are Some Essential Things You Need to Know

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Vehicular accidents are relatively common in the United States. This is first attributed to the number of vehicles in the country. In fact, more than 90% of American households own a car. In addition, the country is ranked as having one of the highest vehicle usages globally. It’s estimated that about six million vehicular accidents happen in the United States, with most of these accidents being minor. These minor accidents don’t necessarily resort to fatalities or hospitalization for their victims. However, it usually leads to legal procedures. With this number of accidents, there is a high probability that you’ll be in one of them at some point. If you do find yourself in an accident, hopefully not a major one, here are some essential things you need to know.

When Should You Call a Lawyer?

This might be the question that keeps entering your head. When does a vehicular accident require a lawyer? The answer to this depends primarily on you. Many accidents can be settled by the responsible party. However, there are some critical situations where you should call a car accident lawyer to deal with matters on your behalf. One of these situations is when you’re injured or when someone else gets injured due to the accident. Many medical insurance policies cover injuries from accidents, but they usually require proper documentation for the policy owner to file a claim. Lawyers can do this for you. Another critical situation when you should call a lawyer is when the fault cannot be definitively identified.

In most cases, people in accidents admit to their faults. For example, this might be due to speeding through a red light, entering a one-way road, or parking in illegal places. During these situations, people responsible for the accident will agree to settle the accident themselves. However, in cases when the fault isn’t apparent and the other party is demanding compensation for the accident, you should call a lawyer.

Check for Defects in Your Vehicle

Vehicle defects are pretty common for people who get involved in accidents. This can come in various forms that might affect your control over the vehicle, visibility, and navigation. Proving a defect can be as easy as telling an inspector about what might have transpired. However, this is usually for defects that are pretty common, such as brake failures. Further investigation might be required for other defects, and you might be asked to contact your lawyer. You must fight for these cases because most accidents due to vehicular defects aren’t the fault of the drivers but the car manufacturer’s fault. So, make sure to check for defects in your vehicle during the accident.

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Tire Defects

Tire defects are fairly common, and some of them can lead to car accidents. If you suspect that a tire defect might have caused your accident, you must contact the tire manufacturer, especially if it’s a new set of tires. They can compensate you for any accidents that might have occurred if proven correctly.

Accidents Caused By a Distracted Driver

We are easily distracted by various things in our homes, workplaces, and sometimes on the road. Many accidents can happen due to these distractions, and a distracted driver is liable to criminal charges in court. However, if you are using your phone during the accident and think you are guilty because of it, that might not be entirely the case. In situations like this, it’s actually recommended that you don’t admit fault and that you should only exchange necessary information with the victim, such as address and contact number. Your insurance company would handle the necessary compensation for the accident in most situations unless they tell you otherwise. If your insurance company denies compensation, then you are required to have a lawyer at the ready.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents are relatively common in the United States, and it is usually done by people who have no license or have forgotten their license during the accident. If you are the driver during this accident, you are required to stop and report the accident no matter the circumstances. This isn’t necessarily the same for parked vehicles. You are required to leave your contact details if you’ve had an accident with a parked vehicle. Do not just leave the accident because, if proven guilty through evidence, such as CCTV footage, you can be charged. Fleeing an accident can increase the charges imposed upon you, and it can easily make you a perpetrator of the accident even if you’re not. Do your best not to drive away from any accident and always report the accident even if you find yourself guilty.

Here are some essential things you need to know if you’re ever part of a vehicular accident. By doing these things, you can avoid severe legal procedures that might lead to incarceration. So, drive safe, and know your rights.


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