Fighting about Everything: When Marriages Go Awry

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on everyone, especially married households. Although data on divorce rates differ, with some sources saying the rates have dropped, getting a divorce should remain an option for married couples who cannot seem to survive the pressures and challenges of marriage. For some, leaving a toxic relationship might even mean saving a life.

family law attorney might be needed for those seeking to file a divorce from their partner. These days, the global pandemic might have been detrimental to some marriages, leading their relationships to break apart. Despite the right of couples to file a divorce, those who seek to break up amid this time should greatly consider the welfare of their children, if any.

Although the effects of filing a divorce differ for each couple, it is no secret that the process can be difficult and exhausting. Nevertheless, one should not second-guess filing a divorce from an abusive partner when staying home is the only option. It might eventually feel like there is no way out.

Leave the Kitchen Sink Alone

The global health pandemic has not been easy for anyone, and it has taken a toll on friendships and family relationships. Married couples who have had to spend more time together than before might have started arguing about things that irk them, which they used to ignore. This might have started creating friction between couples amid this pandemic.

On a more serious note, some individuals have been experiencing domestic violence wherein divorce remains the only safe option to get away from their current fatal situation.

While not all divorce cases are prompted by domestic violence, here are some warning signs that you might need to start considering filing the paperwork.

Partners who have grown to become unhappy in a relationship might have to rethink their marriage. Being unhappy in a relationship could be caused by having a partner who does not meet one’s emotional needs. Having a strong support system from a partner is crucial in marriage because it is a lifelong commitment wherein both partners commit to facing life’s challenges together. Without this support system, partners will remain unhappy.

In line with this, if you have noticed that your interactions with your partner have been mostly negative in recent years, it might be a sign that the relationship is not working out. Couples and individuals require positive energy to work and to live happily. Every individual deserves to be happy in a relationship.

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When it comes to values and priorities, couples in healthy relationships often agree on the big things. Being in a relationship is about growing together, and that includes continuously agreeing on these big things. People change through the years, and you might find yourself in a relationship with a completely different person than before. Your views might have started conflicting, which could have been causing friction between you two.

Getting a divorce is not easy, and it could get ugly depending on your situation, but it is necessary for some relationships. While it is important to look after your well-being in a marriage, you and your partner should also consider the effects of divorce on your children.

Talk to the Kids

You might be ready to file a divorce with your partner, but you have the responsibility to explain the situation to your kids and how it will or will not affect them. Divorce is no joke, and many children experience stress from the process and the effects it could have on their relationship with their parents. You have to consider your kids’ emotional well-being during this time to avoid harming their mental health.

While you are finalizing your decision to file a divorce, keep your heated discussions with your partner away from the children. This will minimize disruptions in their daily routine which can affect their performance at school. If you are ready to break the news to the kids, it is best if both parents are involved in the conversation. Answer your kids’ questions to equip them in handling the difficult and sudden change in their lifestyles.

Your kids should always be your priority when it comes to the process of divorce. You should not allow your marriage issues to get in the way of your relationship with your kids.

Get Emotional Support

Divorce is a tough journey, and there might be grief that comes with it. Having a strong emotional support system is essential in keeping yourself strong and focused on the tasks at hand. It will also allow you to divert your attention to your kids’ needs during this difficult time. If you or anyone you know is going through a divorce, get emotional support from family and friends to prevent feelings of isolation, especially during this pandemic.


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