When Should You Hire a Disability Attorney?

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If you aren’t sure when you need to hire a disability attorney, this video will give you insight into hiring one. Once you’ve submitted a claim for disability, you don’t have to hire an attorney at that point. You’ll want to go through the process first since the attorney can’t do anything until it’s denied. If you do get a denial for the disability, then it’s time to get a disability lawyer.

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The truth is that these attorneys can’t do anything different at the beginning of the process, and also have some insight once there is an appeal on the table.

If you’ve been denied for your disability claim, it’s at that time that you should contact an attorney, and give them all the details of the case and the documentation that’s related to the case. From there, they can start submitting the appeal on your behalf and be able to get into the case, taking over where they can and being your advocate for your disability needs. A disability attorney can represent you in court and advocate in your place throughout the legal system and to the appeals committee when the time comes to go before a panel for this case.


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